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September 2009

29.9.2009 09:33, author: Maruša Bertoncelj, comments: 0

From 15th October till 15th November 2009 the annual largest creative project in Slovenia, Month of Design, will take place in the Slovenijales business complex on 20 – 22 Dunajska Street in Ljubljana as well as at other locations in the city. The title of this years project, organized by Zavod BIG, is The Future of Sustainability.

17.9.2009 12:54, author: Andraž Štalec, comments: 0

Inspired by ''Beyond White'', the central theme of this year's Gorenje presentation at IFA, one of the world's largest consumer electronics fairs, designer Matevž Popič of the Gorenje Design Studio created an exclusive version of the SmarTable, made of white Kerrock and featuring purple design accents.

7.9.2009 09:38, author: Maruša Bertoncelj, comments: 0

On the 3rd of September the opening of the exhibition “TAILOR MADE FURNITURE” took place at Orion Intertrade in Ljubljana. The exhibition presented products of renowned furniture company Wittmann from Etsdorf in Austria. The exhibition “Tailor Made Furniture” also announced the Month of Design 2009 and will be opened from September 3rd to 24th