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October 2011

28.10.2011 13:34, author: Jasmina Ravnjak, comments: 0

On October 13, the Month of Design, organised by Zavod Big (the Big Institute) for the fourth year now, started with the opening presentations. The opening was marked by the design awards ceremony. Janez Smerdelj received the award for timeless Slovenian design for the Gorenje Simple & Logical washing machine. In the framework of the Gorenje Design Centre and later the Gorenje Design Studio, he was paving the foundations of Slovenian industrial design and as Professor in the Department of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design accompanied many Slovenian designers to their professional career path. The Gorenje Design Studio, beside Elan and Alpina companies, received an honorary design award for the user-friendly interface for Gorenje appliances.

17.10.2011 15:31, author: Jasmina Ravnjak, comments: 0

creos statuette
creos statuette

A kick-off presentation of the new Carinthia advertising awards CREOS was held in Klagenfurt on October 5th. Designed by our designer David Cugelj, the CREOS statuette received special acclaim by the organizer (The Carinthia Chamber of Commerce) and more importantly by the advertisers.