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CREOS statuette receives praise from Carinthia’s advertisers

17.10.2011 15:31, author: Jasmina Ravnjak

Klagenfurt on October 5th 2011

A kick-off presentation of the new Carinthia advertising awards CREOS was held in Klagenfurt on October 5th. Designed by our designer David Cugelj, the CREOS statuette received special acclaim by the organizer (The Carinthia Chamber of Commerce) and more importantly by the advertisers.

The Creos statuette is given to award-winning creative individuals or groups.
The winner’s occupation is in itself a quest for new creative ideas and solutions. Their mind and spirit should therefore be free of any restraints, and their ideas should rise above all. For the idea to overcome all obstacles on its way to realization it must be able to soar over the walls that confine us. The shape of the wings follows the CREOS award symbol, while the stem completes the statuette and adds momentum to the wings. The Swarovski crystals emphasize the elegance of the feathers.“
says David Cugelj.

This project came to realization through our cooperation with White House, an advertising firm from Vienna, and represents another step of building our presence in the Austrian market.

creos statuette


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