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Gorenje Design Studio proves that the challenging economic situation is an opportunity for growth

26.1.2012 08:42, author: Jasmina Ravnjak

In the previous year, Gorenje Design Studio, despite the unfavourable economic conditions, managed to follow the objectives of further development of the studio and achieved 11% growth in operating income. This placed Gorenje Design Studio among the leading Slovenian design studios. Business growth, satisfied clients and users, and three Red Dot Awards in the past two years confirm the success of the strategy – offering the most comprehensive design services for the needs of company's founding companies and external clients in the open market. The ambitions of a relatively young design studio with a rich tradition will be in the coming years even more focused on international waters and intense deepening of the modern design knowledge.

Gorenje Design Studio was founded by four partners in February 2008. Gorenje, Pristop, Riko, and Trimo are the companies that have been for many years now realising how important the role of the superior design was to achieving business objectives. Nearly 50 years of experience in product design for the global market and excellent knowledge of the design process are the foundations, based on which the Gorenje Design Studio has developed into a company that today offers complete design services to the founding companies, as well as to numerous external clients. Thus, they successfully followed the ambitious objectives of the Gorenje Group in the previous year and in addition to product design significantly increased design services also in the field of graphic and architectural design. At the same time, they continued to develop their design skills also with other co-founder companies and gained significant new external clients.

Thus, Gorenje Design Studio is actively linking product, graphic and architectural designs with modern approaches of service design and methodologies of creating the user experience. The design process starts with qualitative user surveys, which are the foundation for successful business development and user-friendly products and services. The design process, which includes innovative methodologies, research and testing of end users, is what together with ambitious clients even in tough times leads to successfully implemented products and services. A worthy example in this area includes a user survey for the Kolektor Liv company that has in the process of direct user experience of the product led to the design and development guidelines of the final product.

Moreover, the excellent work of Gorenje Design Studio was confirmed by prestigious professional awards and honours. In the last two years, they received as many as three Red Dot Awards. In 2010, they received one with the Trimo Company for Art Me – a new approach to individual facade design, and last year for Gorenje's innovative user interface iChef and Iskratel's Innbox modem series. All three products include innovation that was the result of research and consideration of the needs and desires of end users.

However, Gorenje Design Studio is not only targeting the domestic market. After the establishment of ingenious sales channel for retail centres of the BMW brand, this concept was being successfully implemented also in markets outside Slovenia. Similarly, they have designed an integrated solution for Gorenje’s retail outlets that standardised the typical elements of space, typical way of presenting products and client experience in various markets worldwide. In the last year, the first Gorenje’s sales salon in Scandinavia was developed in accordance with this concept, and this year, a sales salon with a renewed concept is opening in Brazil and Slovenia.

Therefore, the New Year is a year of new challenges. Due to generally adverse economic situation, Gorenje Design Studio will continue to pay close attention to streamlining operations, while planning to achieve further growth and development of the studio, with the increasing penetration in external markets.


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