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Marketing Directors' Club Spring Meeting

6.4.2010 11:51, author: Jasmina Ravnjak

Rok Jenko
took part in the presentation and discussion on the second topic of the meeting, dealing with a case of innovative marketing practice in the service industry. BMW Group Slovenia managed to create a top-selling premium automobile brand in Slovenia despite the recession occurring at that very time. Also a part of the success story was the "Premium Brand Experience project", seeking to found the customer relationship upon services that are appealingly designed and conceived differently than it has commonly been the case thus far.

This is a marketing novelty in the world of BMW, based on connectible Slovenian knowledge as it was co-created by BMW Group Slovenia, Gorenje Design Studio, Zoran Garevski, and Mura. The leitmotif of project development was presented by
Barbara Uranjek (BMW Group Slovenia),
Zoran Garevski, fashion designer, and
Rok Jenko (Gorenje Design Studio).


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