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Visual communication

Pomurske mlekarne ("Pomurje Dairy"): Promo campaign "Kolko mlejka telko lejt" ("Here's to many glasses of milk and many years")

Gorenje design studio teamed up with the Urban Tribe ("Urbano Pleme") to design the spring promotional campaign for three types of milk produced by Pomurske Mlekarne ("the Pomurje Dairy ").

Presentation booklet and logo for ArtMe line for Trimo

ArtMe logo
To be able to communicate the spirit of the new ArtMe facade patterns, created by GDS for Trimo, and efficiently carry it over to the end-user, it was necessary to establish appropriate communication solutions.

New concept for Small Household Appliances Gorenje

New concept for S.H.A. Gorenje
Packaging of Small Household Appliances is no longer there just for product's protection - it's a strong communicator ...

Promotional campaign for Pomurske mlekarne

Promotional campaign for Pomurske mlekarne
For GDS the communication support for presentation of the new milk product - milk with plant sterols - and the new packaging for existing milk from Pomurske Mlekarne was a very unique planning, design and implementation story, built around a small but integrated campaign.

New image of milk for Pomurske mlekarne

New image of milk for Pomurske mlekarne
Creating a new milk packaging for dairy company Pomurske Mlekarne was a process of collective reflection on what Pomurske mlekarne represents in general and where are its advantages. It was also a process of reflection on the modern user and his way of life.

Packaging for Qubik coffee

Packaging for Qubik coffee
Creating an image for a product, which is being so highly praised for its excellent taste and smell, represents a unique challenge. The created solution represents a blending of forms generated by the thought of a cup of coffee, the character of the product and the vision of the product brand.

Waste luminaries communication campaign for Zeos

Waste luminaries communication campaign for Zeos
Communication campaign on the importance and the methods of collection of waste luminaries for Zeos sought to present the issue of waste luminaries to the widest possible civil and professional public.